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Group Therapy Activities for Adults Recovery Group Activities FL

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fun group activities for adults in recovery

In settings like Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-help support groups, participants find social support and a safe space to openly discuss their challenges. Sharing personal stories fosters a sense of connection, empathy, and encouragement. A common drug addiction recovery technique is the use of group facilitation. Research has shown that people with substance use disorders (SUDs) can help each other in recovery.

  • One effective approach is to organize substance abuse group Addiction Recovery Group Activities that combine enjoyment with therapeutic benefits.
  • Determine the duration of the meditation, and when finished, you all may decide to share your experience or takeaways.
  • Sharing gratitude promotes a shift in perspective towards the present moment.
  • Topics can range from personal challenges to recovery milestones, providing an opportunity for peer support and feedback.
  • Beyond improving the health of the body, yoga focuses on calming and healing the mind.

Gratitude Graphs

The opportunities are endless, but at the very least, taking a pottery class can be a unique activity that helps you get creative and have some fun. A big part of recovery is coming to truly understand that you’ll need to let go of your old way of living. Before recovery, you were likely caught in patterns and routines, surrounded by people who weren’t supporting your highest good.

  • Whether it’s for pilates, yoga, pole fitness, or even belly dancing, there are so many different studio classes to try out.
  • In this post, I highlight 50 Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities for Recovery that you can use with your clients.
  • Create a coping cheat sheet summary card that group members can keep with them between sessions.

Path to Healing from Addiction

Then write about or discuss how these emotions might serve you, such as the way your depression forces you to slow down and rest when you’re overwhelmed. Then write about or discuss ways you can serve the same purpose in a more positive way, such as allowing yourself regular sessions of peaceful self-care to stave off overwhelm. Ask group members to introduce themselves by sharing three weird, funny, or interesting things about themselves as an “ice breaker” for one of your addiction recovery support group activities, . Suggest different coping strategies they could use to stay sober when triggered.

Relapse Discussions

Journaling serves as a powerful self-help mechanism, reducing the risk of relapse by providing an outlet for processing thoughts and emotions in a constructive manner. These exercises provide a platform for validating feelings and addressing unresolved issues with family members and loved ones. In reality, addiction is grueling—and recovery can be filled with fun and enjoyment. It’s all a matter of not only seeking out new activities but also being willing to change your perspective on what fun entails. With a package of cheap, simple Halloween masks, or even masks cut from construction paper, you can offer a great activity to foster deep conversation.

Invite participants to visually map their life journey, sharing pivotal moments and aspirations with the group, fostering empathy and understanding while celebrating each other’s progress. Also, please leave a comment below if you have other ideas, or would what are some ideas for substance abuse group activities? like to add to the discussion. Afterward, participants may be invited to share any surprising or revealing thoughts they had, if they feel comfortable doing so. Participants can share how they are practicing self-care to encourage and inspire their peers.

fun group activities for adults in recovery

fun group activities for adults in recovery

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  • Narrative group therapy is an existential approach to therapy and allows clients to take ownership of their story by sharing it and rewriting it (Clark, 2014).
  • Board games aren’t only reserved for children and can be a great deal of fun when played with a group of friends even as adults.
  • Joining a fitness studio allows you to take set classes and meet new people.
  • A common drug addiction recovery technique is the use of group facilitation.

Sober fun means letting go of an old way of life

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fun group activities for adults in recovery



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